Buspar (Buspirone)
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Product description: Buspar is prescribed for anxiety disorder treatment.
Active Ingredient: Buspirone
Buspar as known as: Nadrifor, Stressigal, Bustab, Anksilon, Busiral, Busansil, Buspimen, Loxapin, Buspirona, Buspon, Relax, Tutran, Hiremon, Mabuson, Buspironum, Ledion, Buisline, Sorbon, Nopiron, Barpil, Buscalma, Tensispes, Nerbert, Itagil, Bespar, Antipsichos, Anxinil, Buspanil, Buspiron, Pasrin, Buscalm, Nervostal, Ansitec, Ansial, Spamilan, Komasin, Anxut, Pendium, Epsilat, Umolit, Anxiolan, Lanamont, Axoven, Paxon, Relac, Xiety, Svitalark, Neurosine, Busp, Nevrorestol, Busirone, Dalpas, Hobatstress, Norbal, Anxiron, Kallmiren, Boronex, Buspin, Brispar, Biron, Lebilon, Freeton, Narol, Bergamol, Normaton, Suxin, Ansiten, Sburol, Psibeter, Spitomin

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